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NB. I will not examine the well known child-abuse scandals , such as "Father"Brendan Smyth and the Artane Boys Home as these have been covered by other sites to a large degree. I will cover the stories which are not generally known to the public beyond Irelands shores and I will endeavour to point out the similarities in these cases with other cases in the Uk and the USA. I will also point out obvious deceptions and I will also give information of which the general public would not be aware of.


Satanists plot Child Sacrifice Satanists plot to sacrifice a baby! (active)
Sunday People article on my story ."New clues to Kidnap Killing". My personal expose' in the Irish Sunday People tabloid in Nov 1999.(active)
The Cannibal Murders The Cannibal Murders and Mark Nash. The question arises in this case! Was Mark Nash part of a macabre plot by a group of establishment Satanists to procure certain body parts , which satanists value, for their own consumption? (NB) Cannibalism is part of the present-day Satanist practice and group activities! Placenta, or afterbirth is also on the Satanist's gourmet menu . David Icke explores this perverted activity in his book The Biggest Secret. (active)
The Witches of clonegal Castle
  • ..The Witches of Clonegal Castle, County Wicklow.The Lord Strathloch and his sister Olivia describe themselves as "white witches", but this cannot be, because they worship the ancient Egyptian evil deities of Isis and Osiris, the Gods of death and the moon...The Goddess Isis (active)
The Kincora Scandal The Earls of Rosse have been members of the Freemasons for generations, and the eighteenth century 1st Earl of Rosse was a founder member of "The Hellfire Club" in Ireland.

Birr Castle, the home of the 7th Earl of Rosse, stepbrother of Lord Snowdon,and estenged husband of Princess Margaret! The children involved in the Kincora Scandal were brought to Birr Castle, Co Offaly, (active)

The Rape Crisis Centres in Ireland The Rape Crisis Centres and their efforts to expose Satanic child abuse in Ireland.(active) nrcci@tinet.ie
WB Yeats WBYeats and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn.(active)
Dame Alice Kyteler Dame Alice Kyteler, Kilkenny's own satanic history , also devil worshippers in the area.(active)
The Brendan O'Donnell murders Brendan O'Donnell "devil possessed killer " .In 1997 he dies under strange circumstances in prison while serving a life sentence for the murders of Imelda and Liam Riney and Ft Walsh .(active)
The other missing people in Kilkenny Kate Madigan, Raymond Long, Michael Smith (active)
Above , St Canice's Cathedral ,Kilkenny City.
Sarah Bland Sarah Bland, satanic ritual abused child since she was a toddler by aristocratic devil worshippers.(active)
The Hellfire Club The Hellfire Club, Ireland's original upperclass Satanic club. Quote from an article by Sam Smyth of the Irish Independent on the Dail's inaugural ceremony for the new member from Cork, Simon Coveney; "bright-eyed and eager, Simon Coveney was led into the Dail like a virgin being inducted into the Hellfire Club ...........and applauded like witches and warlocks around a human sacrifice.............Just three days after Hallow'een"
Bridget Cleary The Case of Bridget Cleary 1895.
Michael Bambrick The Case of Michael Bambrick convicted Killer.
Derry O'Rourke Derry O'Rourke , swimming coach of the I.A.S.A( Irish Amateur Swimming Association), used hypnosis as an aid to abuse his victims.
Cults and sects Cults and pseudo religious sects , the Freemasons and the Knights of St Columbanus in Ireland.
Wellington terrace Cork murders The Wellington Terrace , Cork, Disappearances of 3 men,one man found dismembered!
The FBI and the Gardai The FBI and its close links with the Irish (Gardai)police and the RUC.
Malcolm McArthur Convicted killer Malcolm MacArthur and the Irish Attorney General, Patrick Connolly.
Irelands Druids Irelands Druids
The Shankill Butchers The Born Again Christians connection !
Satanic Ritual Abuse ....The evidence emerges of SRA and Satanic murders in the USA.